Toni Menage: The Path to Musical Freedom

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Toni Menage has a career most aspiring singers envy. She’s toured the world with Lisa-Lisa Cult Jam, sang with and was produced by the legendary Stevie Wonder, and performed on legendary television shows including Soul Train, The Grammy’s The Arsenio Hall Show, and many others. But her path to get there was not as full of rainbows as you might think.

Andy and Toni discuss what it’s like to grow up as an up and coming singer in the projects of Harlem, and how she first got noticed by a producer when she was in just 7th grade and had a hit song on the radio! For Toni, there were plenty of big star-struck moments, as well as a few regrettable ones too, as she recollects in this week’s podcast.

Listen to the full interview to hear about Toni’s upbringing in the music business, what she wishes she knew then that she knows now, how her consulting business gives other up and coming singers all the tools to succeed in the industry, and who her true inspirations are. Check it out now.


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