Brett Culp: Obstacle Or Opportunity

What does leadership mean to you? Leadership has many meanings, and everyone may have their own perspective on it. Today’s guest, Brett Culp,  has a wonderful point of view on leadership and has built an amazing foundation for his life. He also discusses his philosophy on dealing with obstacles, disappointment, fear, and why and how he maintains such a positive attitude in the face of life’s struggles. 

Brett had a very successful career as a videographer in the lux wedding market, for ten years,  until the recession of 2008 forced him to pivot. Now a filmmaker and keynote speaker, Brett Culp films is based out of Tampa FL.  He also is an author, and produces short films such as “How to stay positive when the world feels negative.” Brett has 3 main key elements he has come up with to live by, do great work, show it to lots of people, and be really nice. Join us today as we learn that people love to work with people they like.

Show Highlights:

  • How Brett built his foundation
  • When Brett became passionate about film
  • How Brett transitioned into a film career
  • Having a large goal, and breaking it into smaller and achievable goals 
  • 3 key elements Brett came up with to foster success
  • The story behind Brett transitioning his career
  • Brett’s first documentary he filmed
  • Not having to spend money on marketing
  • Brett’s perspective on leadership and what it means to him
  • Challenges weddings had and letting go of stress
  • Mindfulness and why it is so important
  • Brett is more of a flow person verse an intention person
  • Being more comfortable with the mysteries of your life
  • Going through cycles to transform into who you are today


Brett Culp Website

 and Instagram: brettculpfilms
: brettculp

Overview of Brett’s work/career –

Clip from one of Brett’s keynotes –

Trailer for Brett’s new film, Look to the Sky:

Dave Russell: Grammy Award-Winning Recording Engineer

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When we’re working towards a new goal, one question we hear is “how bad do you want it?” What are you willing to do to succeed? How hard are you willing to work.

Sometimes, our goals and dreams are just fun words that sound nice rolling off the tongue, yet have nothing to back them up. This is not the case with Dave Russell. Dave went from sweeping floors at a music studio to becoming a multi-Grammy Award Winning Recording Engineer. Join us today as Dave shares his experience of working in the music industry and advice he has to offer.

Show Highlights

  • How Dave literally worked from the bottom up
  • What artists look for when creating new records
  • Working on Steely Dan’s record, “Two Against Nature,” winning Dave multiple Grammys.
  • The reason Dave quit playing guitar
  • Working with Walter Becker, Willie Nelson, George Benson, Michael McDonald, Dan Folgelberg and more.
  • The relationship between Recording Engineer and Producer
  • The most memorable albums Dave’s worked on over the years
  • The problem he has with mixing
  • Digital versus Analog


Dave’s Website

Branden Chapman: Behind-The-Scenes of the Recording Academy and The Grammys

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When we think about our favorite songs, we tend to think of the artist who sings them. What we don’t think about, however, is the amount of work and people that went into bringing it to life. The way artists have hundreds of people working to create tomorrow’s top hits, it takes just as many to put together a show to honor music and its makers. Today, Branden Chapman, Executive In Charge Of Production and Chief Business Development Officer, shares how he followed his passion for music and how it led to becoming a major executive and producer for the Recording Academy and Grammys.

Show Highlights

  • The 2 things Branden always starts his projects with
  • The importance of process management and creating a budget timeline
  • What all goes into making the Grammys a success
  • The impact gratitude has when working with a team
  • The Academy and its work in promoting fair wages for those working behind the scenes
  • How Branden manages his many responsibilities and holds onto his sanity
  • The most important part that goes into making the Grammys happen
  • Branden shares his experience of the night Whitney Houston died
  • Branden’s opinion about the future of the music business
  • The importance of diversity for Grammy voters


Grammy Website

Grammy Recording Academy

Music Cares Charity

Grammy Museum



Chef Roy Yamaguchi: Creating Exquisite Cuisine, Culture & Community

On today’s episode, Andy shares with us the honor of sitting down with renowned Chef Roy Yamaguchi, as he shares his story. Chef Roy shares his experiences from coming to the United States for the first time to attend culinary school, starting his first restaurant in Los Angeles, and finally creating Roy’s in Hawaii.

Listen in as Roy shares with Andy, as well as the rest of us, his passion, his mission, and his hopes for the future.

Show Highlights:

  • How HomeEc sparked Roy’s culinary path
  • The moment he decided to commit to cooking and pursue Culinary school in America
  • Roy shares his first experience of New York compared to living in Japan
  • The reason Roy went with his gut on opening his restaurant in Hawaii, when everyone told him not to
  • What Roy took away from Cheersand the influence that played in creating his restaurant
  • Roy shares the value of having a team and the importance of everyone having a voice
  • Why sometimes you’ve got to let ideas marinate
  • The difference in what makes a great Chef versus what makes a great Cook
  • How social media has helped Roy personalize his guests’ dining experience
  • How Roy manages to balance his work and personal life


Roy Yamaguchi

Roy’s Story

Roy’s Fish & Seafood Cookbook

Roy’s Feasts from Hawaii Cookbook

Roy’s Hawaii Cooks Cookbook

Roy’s Twitter

Roy’s Facebook       

Simon T. Bailey: How To Harness Your Brilliance and Turbo Charge Your Business

Simon T. Bailey is no stranger to success, even though he’s quite familiar with failure.

At a young age, Simon was turned down for multiple sports teams-but he didn’t let that stop him.

He left his first college after just one year and moved into a low-income neighborhood. His path took him to a high-level role, which he transitioned away from when it became clear his days as an employee there were numbered.

But in every situation, Simon was constantly searching for a way to use what he was truly passionate about– helping others to discover their inner brilliance.

Simon is unafraid to transform himself, to recognize the need to evolve. He understands this means putting yourself out there and potentially failing.

He spends this episode sharing his experiences and dropping life-changing perspectives on how you can help yourself grow, forgive others, and take responsibility for pursuing your dreams and find success.

About Simon T. Bailey:

Simon T. Bailey helps people discover their inner brilliance. A best-selling author, Success Magazine’s 2018 Top 25, and renowned teacher, Simon has shaped the lives of more than 2 million people in 45 different countries. Simon is one of America’s Top 10 Most-Booked Corporate and Association Speakers and recently was inducted into the National Speaker’s Association Hall of Fame. Whether advising CEOs or speaking at a conference, Simon knows that everyone has the potential to be brilliant. Simon T. Bailey grew up in Buffalo, New York.

Show Highlights:

  • What Simon was doing at 8 years old that forecasted his successful career today
  • Simon’s experience trying out for sports and the impact failure had on him
  • The surprising and memorable first public speech Simon gave
  • Simon shares his experience moving by himself into a low-income neighborhood at 19
  • The 3 questions Simon asked himself that were the catalyst for him to move into his business
  • How Simon transitioned from a high-level leadership role at Disney to follow his dreams
  • Why it’s important to have a mentor and how they make a difference
  • How you can make a tangible impact in your life starting with 15 minutes each day
  • The benefits of really engaging in therapy, especially for men

Links Mentioned in the Show:

Simon T. Bailey – Lynda Courses

Video Links:

Other Links:

The Hottest Event Keynote Speakers for 2018 | ITA Group Article

Our Courses:  – In particular, our Brilliant Presenter and Shift Your Brilliance courses

Social Media:

Twitter – @simontbailey

Facebook –

LinkedIn –

Instagram –

Sifu Matthew: Injury Whisperer and the Martial Arts of Wellness

Andy met Sifu Matthew in Maui and personally witnessed at least three people being healed. He heals people and helps them heal themselves using principles of science. Sifu has worked with well-known athletes, as can be seen in the video testimonials on his website, and helped them find restorative healing and optimal health. 

“I’m not performing miracles. I’m using science.” ~ Sifu Matthew

About Sifu Matthew:

Sifu is a Kung Fu Master, world-renowned healer, athletic performance expert, and founder of The Martial Arts of Wellness. He is a master of understanding the electromagnetic forces of the body in relation to strength, wellness, and performance. He is known for his ability to regenerate body tissues, ligaments, and bones rapidly to activate the healing process. He is called “The Injury Whisperer.”  

Sifu currently runs wellness clinics in Los Angeles and provides specialized team programs and individual athlete mentorships worldwide. He lectures and educates athletes, doctors, and executives on understanding the human potential for rapid healing. He runs advanced corporate wellness platforms as well as intensive Executive Warrior Training Camps across the country.

Show Highlights:

  • There are fundamental laws and principles that heal our bodies, but we have come to rely on outside sources to try to heal
  • The example of the stress of birth and the healing process that’s initiated in each newborn baby
  • The principles are in us and are very scientific; if we allow them, they will work for us
  • How Sifu began martial arts at age 3, growing up between Brooklyn and Boston as a very high-energy and hyperactive child
  • The awareness of healing came from these martial arts
  • Becoming aware of the electromagnetism in another’s body
  • The definition of electromagnetic field: electricity in motion that every “body” has
  • The science of the earth, particles, energy, and electromagnetism
  • A look at the body as a microcosm of the universe
  • Why the ocean has a calming and healing effect
  • How we give off minerals when we communicate with each other
  • Why some people have a greater capacity to “hold a field” and project magnetism
  • How Sifu affects magnetic fields to facilitate healing
  • “We always feel things, but we don’t always pay attention to it.”
  • Why it doesn’t take much bacteria to turn a person’s system inside out
  • In healing, go back to basics, which is that the body wants to heal itself, but can’t, because the healing code has been overridden by a bad code
  • Sifu’s host of injuries from martial arts and sports and how he healed himself
  • The example of a young man’s quick healing and how nerves can regrow
  • How Sifu heals from a distance
  • Sifu’s services: working with professional athletes and CEO’s and various programs for everyday people—all geared toward helping people heal themselves and finding their optimal health.

Links mentioned in the show:

Email Sifu:

Find Sifu on Facebook: Martial Arts of Wellness

Enjoy some of Sifu’s amazing work:

Austin’s Healing:

Meet The Injury Whisperer:

Hear how Sifu Matthew has helped so many!

Catching Up with Rayshun Lamarr After a Close Call on The Voice

It was a tough show for Rayshun last week, however the good news is that he was able to turn things around big time! And his story behind it is deeply inspirational. Tune in to this special bonus episode where Andy catches up with Rayshun about the last two week’s performances and we also get a little peek into what he’s singing next.

If you haven’t listed to Rayshun’s first interview, make sure you go back and listen – you won’t be disappointed.

Rayshun Lamarr: The Voice Finalist Who Overcame Cancer to Achieve His Dreams

Rayshun Lamarr has officially put his voice in the arena– it’s where he’s always known he wants it to be. As a singer since childhood, it would be easy to stay on a relatively safe course as an entertainer and rely on the talent he’s been recognized for since an early age. Instead, Rayshun creates opportunity after opportunity for himself to hone his craft and put himself up against the best.

His first steady gig as a professional singer was with host Andy Kushner with a 10-piece party band called SoundConnection. Weddings were a huge entry point into Rayshun’s experience entertaining crowds on a stage and forging emotional connection live.

His hearty experience on the stage prepared him for successfully auditioning for The Voice, where he is currently competing for the ultimate grand prize. Rayshun’s passion, tenacity, and joy are infectious and will make you want to cheer him on long after his time on The Voice ends.

About Rayshun Lamarr:

Rayshun Lamarr hails from North Carolina and currently resides in the Washington, D.C. suburbs. Influenced by artists like Ella Fitzgerald and John Legend, he attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts and grew his musical talent over the years, taking on every opportunity available to sing and perform professionally for the past 13 years. Rayshun is currently competing on Season 14 of The Voice.

Show Highlights:

  • Rayshun’s earliest memories of music and singing
  • The dramatic story of Rayshun singing his very first solo
  • The moment Rayshun knew he wanted to be a professional singer
  • What Broadway dream Rayshun held close as an adolescent
  • How Rayshun’s high school completely ignited his passion for the arts
  • Rayshun shares his experience auditioning for Andy’s band, SoundConnection
  • How singing for SoundConnection transformed his music career
  • Stories of what it’s like to receive criticism in the entertainment industry
  • Rayshun shares influential advice from his early mentors about staying humble
  • Rayshun’s traumatic experiences from the day that led to his cancer diagnosis
  • What motivates Rayshun to keep up his incredible energy on stage
  • How Rayshun felt as he got ready to sing for his blind audition of The Voice
  • Rayshun shares what made it difficult to choose between Adam Levine and Alicia Keys as his coach on The Voice
  • Special insights from Rayshun’s time on The Voice so far, including hints at what’s to come


Links Mentioned in the Show:

The Voice – Rayshun’s blind audition

The Voice – Rayshun vs Tish Haynes Keys in the battle round

The Voice – Rayshun singing “Fallin” by Alicia Keys

Rayshun singing “Don’t Stop Believing” in Singapore

Sound Connection

Ashley Keegan: Moving to Maui and Helping Others Through Bodywork Healing

Ashley Keegan is an extraordinarily intuitive healer. From a young age, she started learning how to view the human body and use natural elements to help others release trauma. She has a lot to say when it comes to fear, our inner physiology and learning to appreciate that less is more.

Ashley also looks closely at what’s around her. After seeing signs in her life that they were destined for the special place Ashley calls “Mother Maui”, she moved out to Maui with her family when her children were babies– a place which has now captivated her and allowed her to grow her practice.

From our cellular memories to listening to the Hawaiian jungle, this episode is full of heart, depth, and– of course– healing.

About Ashley:

Ashley grew up in the mountains of North Carolina and began her training at 13 years old with a Cherokee medicine man named Chief Two Trees. Her father is an environmentalist and is passionate about alternative healing. She currently lives on the island of Maui in Hawaii and co-owns a therapeutic business with her husband, John, called Hana Healing Arts.

Show Highlights:

  • How Ashley began training with Chief Two Trees, a Cherokee medicine man
  • Ashley explains what the day-to- day job of a medicine man looks like
  • An overview of what craniosacral therapy is and how it helps patients
  • How trauma impacts our physical body at a cellular level
  • The one fear reflex we all have as humans, and where it originates from
  • How to empower ourselves to let go of fears through bodywork
  • Ashley explains what fascia is and its importance in our body
  • Why less can be more when it comes to therapeutic massage
  • What a crystal tuning fork is and how it works
  • How Ashley found herself in Hana, a rainforest region in Maui
  • The process of getting her business started in Hawaii
  • What makes Maui the heart of the Hawaiian islands


Links Mentioned in the Show:

Hana Healing Arts

To contact her, call:808-248-4433

Chuck Johnson: The Intriguing Story of a Guitarist’s Adventure to Success

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Chuck Johnson knew since he was a child that he wanted to be a musician. After persistently nagging his father (who played music in a band during rowdy parties) to teach him how to play, he learned his first 3 chords at 6 years old.

Chuck Johnson probably never imagined his early childhood fascination would turn into a successful career as a prominent member of 3 bands and internationally touring with a jazz legend.

From the ins and outs of forming bands over his career to the way he balanced a job with his musical commitments, Chuck spends this episode sharing stories and providing insight into his wide-ranging career– including playing some live music from his most recent album.

About Chuck Johnson:

Originally from Ferrum, a small rural town in southwest Virgina, Charles “Chuck” Johnson is a guitarist and vocalist for the band TK-421 and Najee. He got his first big break in a variety band called Bananas At Large. In addition to his experience with Bananas At Large and TK-421, Chuck performs occasionally with jazz artists Alex Bugnon, Jeff Lorber, Will Downing, Maysa, and others.

Show Highlights:

  • Chuck’s early musical influences, from family jam sessions to big-time artists
  • What motivated Chuck’s father to give him a banjo at 12 years old
  • Who influenced Chuck to veer away from his musical roots of country and bluegrass
  • When and how Chuck decided to improve his vocal cord care
  • How Chuck was recruited to join Bananas At Large
  • What goes through Chuck’s mind during a performance
  • Chuck hypothesizes on why Bananas At Large became such a huge success
  • The events that led to Chuck leaving Bananas At Large and forming TK-421
  • What it was like to perform in music while he was balancing a full-time job
  • Andy and Chuck reminisce about the cross-over in their musical backgrounds
  • How Chuck bypassed auditioning and began playing with Najee
  • Chuck’s tips for learning on the job in brand new situations
  • What it was like for Chuck to play in front of Stevie Wonder
  • Chuck shares his love of music by singing and playing a song from TK-421’s latest album

Links Mentioned in the Show:

Bananas At Large

Bananas At Large performing Led Zeppelin’s “Trampled Under Foot”

TK-421 – Facebook Page


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