Catching Up with Rayshun Lamarr After a Close Call on The Voice

It was a tough show for Rayshun last week, however the good news is that he was able to turn things around big time! And his story behind it is deeply inspirational. Tune in to this special bonus episode where Andy catches up with Rayshun about the last two week’s performances and we also get a little peek into what he’s singing next.

If you haven’t listed to Rayshun’s first interview, make sure you go back and listen – you won’t be disappointed.

Rayshun Lamarr: The Voice Finalist Who Overcame Cancer to Achieve His Dreams

Rayshun Lamarr has officially put his voice in the arena– it’s where he’s always known he wants it to be. As a singer since childhood, it would be easy to stay on a relatively safe course as an entertainer and rely on the talent he’s been recognized for since an early age. Instead, Rayshun creates opportunity after opportunity for himself to hone his craft and put himself up against the best.

His first steady gig as a professional singer was with host Andy Kushner with a 10-piece party band called SoundConnection. Weddings were a huge entry point into Rayshun’s experience entertaining crowds on a stage and forging emotional connection live.

His hearty experience on the stage prepared him for successfully auditioning for The Voice, where he is currently competing for the ultimate grand prize. Rayshun’s passion, tenacity, and joy are infectious and will make you want to cheer him on long after his time on The Voice ends.

About Rayshun Lamarr:

Rayshun Lamarr hails from North Carolina and currently resides in the Washington, D.C. suburbs. Influenced by artists like Ella Fitzgerald and John Legend, he attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts and grew his musical talent over the years, taking on every opportunity available to sing and perform professionally for the past 13 years. Rayshun is currently competing on Season 14 of The Voice.

Show Highlights:

  • Rayshun’s earliest memories of music and singing
  • The dramatic story of Rayshun singing his very first solo
  • The moment Rayshun knew he wanted to be a professional singer
  • What Broadway dream Rayshun held close as an adolescent
  • How Rayshun’s high school completely ignited his passion for the arts
  • Rayshun shares his experience auditioning for Andy’s band, SoundConnection
  • How singing for SoundConnection transformed his music career
  • Stories of what it’s like to receive criticism in the entertainment industry
  • Rayshun shares influential advice from his early mentors about staying humble
  • Rayshun’s traumatic experiences from the day that led to his cancer diagnosis
  • What motivates Rayshun to keep up his incredible energy on stage
  • How Rayshun felt as he got ready to sing for his blind audition of The Voice
  • Rayshun shares what made it difficult to choose between Adam Levine and Alicia Keys as his coach on The Voice
  • Special insights from Rayshun’s time on The Voice so far, including hints at what’s to come


Links Mentioned in the Show:

The Voice – Rayshun’s blind audition

The Voice – Rayshun vs Tish Haynes Keys in the battle round

The Voice – Rayshun singing “Fallin” by Alicia Keys

Rayshun singing “Don’t Stop Believing” in Singapore

Sound Connection

Ashley Keegan: Moving to Maui and Helping Others Through Bodywork Healing

Ashley Keegan is an extraordinarily intuitive healer. From a young age, she started learning how to view the human body and use natural elements to help others release trauma. She has a lot to say when it comes to fear, our inner physiology and learning to appreciate that less is more.

Ashley also looks closely at what’s around her. After seeing signs in her life that they were destined for the special place Ashley calls “Mother Maui”, she moved out to Maui with her family when her children were babies– a place which has now captivated her and allowed her to grow her practice.

From our cellular memories to listening to the Hawaiian jungle, this episode is full of heart, depth, and– of course– healing.

About Ashley:

Ashley grew up in the mountains of North Carolina and began her training at 13 years old with a Cherokee medicine man named Chief Two Trees. Her father is an environmentalist and is passionate about alternative healing. She currently lives on the island of Maui in Hawaii and co-owns a therapeutic business with her husband, John, called Hana Healing Arts.

Show Highlights:

  • How Ashley began training with Chief Two Trees, a Cherokee medicine man
  • Ashley explains what the day-to- day job of a medicine man looks like
  • An overview of what craniosacral therapy is and how it helps patients
  • How trauma impacts our physical body at a cellular level
  • The one fear reflex we all have as humans, and where it originates from
  • How to empower ourselves to let go of fears through bodywork
  • Ashley explains what fascia is and its importance in our body
  • Why less can be more when it comes to therapeutic massage
  • What a crystal tuning fork is and how it works
  • How Ashley found herself in Hana, a rainforest region in Maui
  • The process of getting her business started in Hawaii
  • What makes Maui the heart of the Hawaiian islands


Links Mentioned in the Show:

Hana Healing Arts

To contact her, call:808-248-4433