Josh Ross: Taking a Leap to Pursue a Dream

From web developer to Hawaii photographer, Josh Ross did what many of us often daydream about. He picked up his life and moved to the small Hawaiian island of Maui. But as Josh tells in his interview with Andy, it’s often easier said than done.

Living in the Bay Area of California, Josh had a comfortable salary as a manager for a team of web developers. He bought a house out in the countryside, and it seemed like his life was mapped out for him. But as time went on, he realized that maybe this corporate slog of stressful days wasn’t the life he wanted for himself after all. After a vacation to Maui, his feeling for moving became more resolute, and he started planning his big change of scenery.

Fast forward to 2017. Josh, having lived on the island for less than 2 years, is pursuing his passion of photography as his full time career. Josh and Andy discuss the pros and cons of moving to a small island, what it means to pursue your passions, and how embracing island time can be restorative for the mind and soul. Check out their full interview now.


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