Bearcloud: Painting Earth Visions

Born on a reservation in Oklahoma, Bearcloud was surrounded by his ancestral culture every day. It wasn’t until the age of 7 that he moved to a suburban area of Amarillo, Texas, and experienced some real culture shock.

His creative outlet was painting and drawing, and he never stopped pursuing this passion. Bearcloud notes that he was always drawn to the beautiful raw nature of Sedona, even before he had ever been to visit. And as luck or fate would have it, he would later move there to open his gallery, showcasing his original works of art.

Bearcloud and Andy discuss how the Indian culture and ceremonies of his childhood influence and inspire him to create the paintings that are so profound. From the beat of the drums to the visions he sees during meditations and vision quests, Bearcloud’s talent is truly a gift to all who see his work. In this podcast, you’ll hear fascinating stories about how Bearcloud once refused to sell a painting for $50,000, how he keeps himself humbled, and what his paintings truly reveal to those who view them. You can listen to the full interview here.


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