Branden Chapman: Behind-The-Scenes of the Recording Academy and The Grammys

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When we think about our favorite songs, we tend to think of the artist who sings them. What we don’t think about, however, is the amount of work and people that went into bringing it to life. The way artists have hundreds of people working to create tomorrow’s top hits, it takes just as many to put together a show to honor music and its makers. Today, Branden Chapman, Executive In Charge Of Production and Chief Business Development Officer, shares how he followed his passion for music and how it led to becoming a major executive and producer for the Recording Academy and Grammys.

Show Highlights

  • The 2 things Branden always starts his projects with
  • The importance of process management and creating a budget timeline
  • What all goes into making the Grammys a success
  • The impact gratitude has when working with a team
  • The Academy and its work in promoting fair wages for those working behind the scenes
  • How Branden manages his many responsibilities and holds onto his sanity
  • The most important part that goes into making the Grammys happen
  • Branden shares his experience of the night Whitney Houston died
  • Branden’s opinion about the future of the music business
  • The importance of diversity for Grammy voters


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