Juliette “Joules” Brown: Portrait of a Young Visual Artist

A chance meeting on a beach in Maui led to Andy’s conversation with Juliette “Joules” Brown, a young multi-medium visual artist.

Recently, Joules decided to take a break from university to recharge her spirit and travel across Australia in a van. In this episode she’s just returned from that trip, and she talks about that adventure and the waking-from-a-dream experience of returning.

Andy and Joules also talk about her art, informed by love and lust and loss, her parents’ divorce and her own breakups, and the freedom and structure of dance.


Splice 2015

Demon Series (“Ex-Demon 2016”)

Couples 2014

Untitled 2012

Resistance (video)

Amit & I

We Made You We Will Conquer

Letting Go (Animation)


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