Jerry Moss: Legendary A&M Records Co-Founder

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Today, we present the story of a legend who facilitated incredible change in the music business. I’m sitting down with the one-of-a-kind Jerry Moss, Co-founder of A&M Records. If you’ve heard of artists like The Police and Sting, Janet Jackson, Quincy Jones, Peter Frampton, Cat Stevens, The Carpenters, Chet Baker, Bryan Adams, Carole King, Sheryl Crow, and Cheech and Chong, then you’ve listened to some of  the products of Jerry’s keen ear for good sound. Founded together with iconic trumpet playing recording artist, Herb Alpert, A&M records has signed artists with astounding careers and lasting legacies. You will get to hear all the history of the world’s largest independent record label, as well as some of the coolest stories of Jerry’s personal journey. His story is truly remarkable.

He’s worked with some of the best artists in the world, been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and even won the Kentucky Derby! Jerry Moss has led an extraordinary life and humbly tells us how lucky he feels. Starting with a dream to sit at the entertainer’s table in the Catskills, Jerry’s career in music began with a series of fortunate acquaintances and opportunities taken. Although not an actual musician, he has a keen musician’s ear and has made many brilliant signings based on experiencing artists perform, as well as influencing some of the greatest recordings.

“We hired great people, and we didn’t stand for any corruption in any way.” – Jerry Moss 

You’ll hear stories of working with Sting and the Police, as well as incredible discoveries made with international artists like Soundgarden. Artists like The Carpenters and Garbage also found their advocate and supporter in Jerry. Everything he chooses to be a part of is intentional, and good things are manifested from his honorable actions. Jerry has paved a path through a notoriously shady industry with integrity and honor.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Discover how Jerry’s upbringing in the Bronx has influenced his career choices and opportunities.
  • Learn what motivated Jerry to get into the music business.
  • In spite of the challenges, Jerry maintained the highest sense of integrity throughout
  • Partnering with Herb Alpert was true magic.
  • Learn the decision process behind signing current pop artists, and then why he made the switch to Rock n’ Roll.
  • Why the lyrics and delivery matter most to Jerry.
  • Developing artists was part of the process at A&M
  • Jerry particularly loved signing artists with great performance ability.
  • Jerry has a huge passion for horse racing.

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