Wombi Rose of LovePop: Using Shark Tank to Make a Larger Impact

Wombi Rose learns by doing. After recognizing his love for art and engineering, he took on a college experience in a literal shipyard, learning how to engineer large vessels. When he graduated college, he created his own experiences as a consultant in the energy and ship industries worldwide. So naturally, when Wombi got a call from his friend John Wise encouraging him to apply for Harvard and go into business together, Wombi was in. An accepted Harvard application and a trip to Vietnam brought Wombi and John to the inspiration that would eventually become Lovepop– a business that would elevate the pop-up greeting card.

Fast forward to December 2015, when Wombi and John took Lovepop to Shark Tank, beating out nearly 40,000 other applicants. With around $300k in sales in the first 18 months of their business, some wondered why the two entrepreneurs would consider sharing a piece of their business with an outside investor. But as Wombi explains in this episode, Lovepop isn’t just about intricate greeting cards– it’s about making a larger impact. And after successfully securing an investment on Shark Tank, they way their business has quickly transformed is proving him correct.

About Wombi Rose:

Born in Berlin and raised in Pittsburg, Wombi Rose started LovePop with his business partner John Wise in 2014. Wombi attended the Webb Institute for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering before eventually applying for Harvard University and earning his MBA in 2015.

Show Highlights: 

  • Hear how Wombi turned his love for art and engineering into a lucrative business
  • Learn where Wombi and John found the inspiration behind Lovepop
  • Insights from Wombi’s experience building an international production team
  • The motivation behind putting an already successful business on Shark Tank
  • How to prepare for pitching on Shark Tank
  • What not to do as a Shark Tank participant
  • The biggest tips for Shark Tank participants to be successful
  • Find out which shark invested in LovePop – (hint: it’s a WONDERFUL match)
  • Wombi gives advice on choosing the right investor for your business
  • The importance of customer “happiness” over customer “service”

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