Dave Russell: Grammy Award-Winning Recording Engineer

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When we’re working towards a new goal, one question we hear is “how bad do you want it?” What are you willing to do to succeed? How hard are you willing to work.

Sometimes, our goals and dreams are just fun words that sound nice rolling off the tongue, yet have nothing to back them up. This is not the case with Dave Russell. Dave went from sweeping floors at a music studio to becoming a multi-Grammy Award Winning Recording Engineer. Join us today as Dave shares his experience of working in the music industry and advice he has to offer.

Show Highlights

  • How Dave literally worked from the bottom up
  • What artists look for when creating new records
  • Working on Steely Dan’s record, “Two Against Nature,” winning Dave multiple Grammys.
  • The reason Dave quit playing guitar
  • Working with Walter Becker, Willie Nelson, George Benson, Michael McDonald, Dan Folgelberg and more.
  • The relationship between Recording Engineer and Producer
  • The most memorable albums Dave’s worked on over the years
  • The problem he has with mixing
  • Digital versus Analog


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